The RJO Family

With a focus on its core business of execution, clearing, research, service and risk management, RJO has many associated groups who further extend these offerings worldwide. These groups not only expand the geographical reach of our firm but also help to tap unique segments of the market by providing their own specialized services.

RJO Futures

RJO Futures, RJO’s retail division, is committed to providing our clients value-added resources such as market research, managed products, and online trading platforms. To manage your risk capital, RJO Futures offers a variety of personalized trading accounts that range from full service to self-directed, as well as managed futures and forex.

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RJO Canada

RJO Canada is a Canadian FCM specializing in the trading of commodity futures contracts and futures trading services. RJO Canada's trading products include futures trading, commodity hedging, day trading futures and risk management. Whatever your trading experience or requirements, RJO Canada has the expertise and products for your trading needs.

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RJO United Kingdom

RJO United Kingdom extends the reach of RJO’s core offering across the Atlantic and provides services to the institutional and professional trader community by combining RJO’s almost 100 years of experience with the latest technologies, facilities and market intelligence.

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