At R.J. O’Brien, service is our trade. Part of providing the best service possible means tailoring it to the client’s needs. Whether you want a voice on the phone or to place your trades online, we can work to find the level of service which best fits your trading needs.



Since our founding in 1914, we’ve provided clearing services, starting with the U.S. futures markets, and expanding around the globe as the industry evolved. No matter which markets you trade, or the brokers you may execute through, R.J. O’Brien can meet your clearing needs.

You’ll experience customized support and reporting solutions through our state-of-the-art back and middle office systems, as well as real-time, intraday and daily reports—including account information, statements, equity runs and trade confirmations— all available online and on demand.



While technology has certainly transformed our industry, many clients continue to rely on the professionals at RJO to work with them on modeling trade strategies through the proprietary models they have built, market color and sourcing liquidity other than what’s available on the screen through block trading. Our clients have enjoyed institutional-quality voice brokerage executionclearing and risk management since our founding in 1914.



Fast and direct is what electronic execution is all about. We offer several trading platforms, including the leading providers in a low-latency, co-located environment. Communicate directly via RJO Connect, our FIX-based API, to submit, revise, cancel and confirm trade orders directly from your in-house systems.