The global energy futures and options markets are ever-moving and ever-evolving. R.J. O’Brien’s exchange memberships provide the security and safety of a central clearinghouse that stands behind your exchange-traded energy contracts. Listed below is a representative sample of the products that we are actively executing and clearing.

Energy Futures and Options
(Listed and OTC-Cleared)

Rely on R.J. O’Brien’s futures market exchange clearing and execution services for your key energy futures trading needs:

  • CME Group – Ethanol, Light Sweet Crude, Natural Gas, RBOB Gasoline
  • ICE Futures Europe – Brent Crude, Coal, Natural Gas, RBOB Gasoline, WTI Crude
  • SGX – Fuel Oil, Gasoil

Energy Execution Services
(Listed and OTC-Cleared)

Crude Oil

  • Execution of outrights, spreads, boxes
  • Algo-based execution models for boxes, flys, condors, etc.

Refined Products

  • RBOB, Heat Oil, Gasoil outrights, flys, spreads, crackboxes, condors
  • Algo-based synthetic interexchange spreads (RBBR, etc.)
  • Cross-barrel liquidity on OTC-cleared products — Jet, Gasoil, Naphtha,Gasoline, Fuel Oil


  • Screen / block execution for Crude Oil and products options
  • Assist physical players with inventory hedging through option structures
  • Define optimal strategy for off-take floor price hedging
  • Execution of gamma hedging strategies

Commodity Index Roll Expertise

  • Assist in timing client rolling activities within and outside of the index roll window, depending on market structure
  • Cover a wide range of commodity index replicators on the buy-side as well as commodity index desks at leading sell-side institutions
  • Help to minimize the P&L impact by utilizing in-house built “MOC” – execution algorithms

Refinery Margins Hedging

  • Structure bespoke hedging programs for refiners based on individual refinery yields and conversion factors
  • Execution of the entire package as one “number” – monthly, quarterly or yearly strips

Energy Market Insights

RJO produces proprietary and comprehensive daily and weekly energy market analysis and reports that highlight the following:

  • Daily energy market analysis along with trading strategies.
  • Intra-day analysis of fundamental and technical developments.
  • Long-term, strategic view of supply, demand, and inventory trends.
  • Technical analysis and reports on open interest, volume and volatility.